Trafiksäkerhetrapport 2019

Greater Road Safety for Children

“Boy run over by car” / “Girl hit by bus while crossing road” / “Man runs child over while maneuvering out of parking space”. Hardly a day goes by when we aren’t shaken by headlines like these that remind us of the dangers that we – and especially children under 15 – are exposed to on the roads. That said, the past few years have seen many positive developments. In 2005, for example, 1,325 children in this age group died on EU roads; by 2017, however, this figure had fallen to “just” 593. “Huge progress has already been made here especially in Germany and the rest of Europe, and other regions of the world can learn much from our experiences. But even in Europe, there is still potential for making our roads even safer for children,” said Clemens Klinke, member of the DEKRA SE Management Board, about the DEKRA Road Safety Report 2019, which has been presented in its English version at the International Transport Forum’s (ITF) Summit in Leipzig. This year’s report focuses on children under 15, and a special supplement especially for children underscores just how seriously DEKRA takes the safety of our youngest road users.